img_0991A friend recently suggested that I take up a hobby. As a 43-year-old ministry student I’d always assumed my hobby was being a 43-year-old ministry student. The seriousness of learning to care for and disciple God’s people for the rest of my life seemed like a lot of engagement in and of itself. Still, it was something to ponder. I asked my family if watching CNN qualifies as a hobby. Sadly, I was told that this is more of a warning sign for depression than a hobby. As a middle-aged male secretary and seminary student, my mind is wrapped up in prayer, organization, shepherding and devotion. It had never occurred to me to do anything. Back in my bad old days, I’d written trashy blogs as a sort of hobby. It was fun to write garbage and post pictures and jokes that were poorly thought through ahead of time. Now, I questioned whether I could write a blog without being vulgar. I haven’t gotten old so much as I’ve gained purpose in God.

I took the challenge and started writing for fun. As a student of the ministry of God’s Word, I write (most of the time) in a way that reflects the profound work God is doing in my life. Most days, though, the blog will reflect the oddity of being an over-the-hill male secretary studying for a life in full-time ministry. Many times this blog will reflect the strange journey of being the parent of a teenage girl. This will at times be a reflection journal, and other times read more like a rant. After all, we live in the age of the rant. It’s probably better to type the rant out than to just shouting at CNN.



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