About Last Bus

This is a blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Last Bus to Maui is me telling you a story a few times a week. Sometimes the stories are entertaining, other times they’re as much fun as watching toast dry. Life is stories,though, and this blog will one day be full of them. My name is Andy Thompson and I think in stories. I see life as Times New Roman print on a page being typed out one letter at a time. I dream in Helvetica. Yep, I know it sounds pretentious, but that’s the way I think. We are living in an era of sweeping change and immense turmoil and I hope to capture a little swatch of the story of our times here.

What’s with the title? Here’s the short story  and it’s a mix of metaphors. There is an illustration used in management in which a family, sitting on their porch one hot Texas afternoon, decides to board a bus to Abilene. The journey is lousy and the family has a miserable time in Abilene. Once home, they realize that nobody had communicated beforehand the desire to just stay home. It turns out that the group mentality had won the day and no individual had communicated the wish to stay on the porch. This blog is in essence an effort to communicate my little voice and thoughts above the din of modern groupthink and say “Hey! I wasn’t made for this era and I certainly don’t agree with everything going on right now.”

The Maui part of the title? That’s just me being weird. We all want the best for ourselves and the chance to experience paradise. Unfortunately, the means we use to travel toward paradise are often faulty. Like taking a bus across the pacific. I’m guilty of this. I’ve made poor relationship choices and tried to sedate myself in various ways. I believe that God has spared me the bus ride into oblivion,however. I’m devoted to God, and to loving him with all my heart, mind and soul. I also am devoted to loving humanity to the fullest of the ability He’s given me (Matthew 22: 34-39). To me that’s a fully formed life, rather than just pushing the bus through the surf.

Incidentally, the cover photo is very much swiped from and indebted to Joan Baez’ 1972 album Come From the Shadows (A&M SP-4339). The Wikipedia page notes this quote from the liner notes which I’d forgotten about: “…In 1972 if you don’t fight against a rotten thing you become a part of it” – Joan Baez. Some things never change, just turn the page on the calendar.

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